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When you hear the term “Heart Disease,” your mind probably jumps to the kind acquired in adulthood. However, Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) are present at birth and affect the structure of a baby’s heart and the way it works, such as how blood flows through the heart and out to the rest of the body. In fact, CHD is the most common type of birth defect, affecting 1 in every 100 babies born. These defects can range from tiny holes in the heart that may never need treatment, to life-threatening problems that require open-heart surgery(s).


Families caring for a “Heart Warrior” must learn to live with a wide range of emotions, such as stress, anxiety, and fear.


That’s the backbone of why The Healing Hearts Project exists — to be a relatable resource for both patients and caregivers coping with congenital heart defects.

I am 1 in 100
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