There are many great ways to lend a hand.



The Healing Hearts Project appreciates donations of any amount!

Your monetary contribution will

be used to achieve our mission

of supporting children and

families afflicted with

congenital heart disease. 



The Healing Hearts Project has a variety of fundraising opportunities such as selling I-Heart Cards, starting a Stock the Heart Cart drive and creating a Change for Hearts collection. We are also open to other creative ideas to get your group involved! Send us an email to be added to the calendar, and we will make sure you have the resources to run a successful fundraiser. 


The Healing Hearts Project welcomes dedicated sponsorships for surgery day meals, care packages, the Heart Cart and support group outings for caregivers and patients.


You may also choose to become a premier donor with customizable benefits — supporting our overall mission and goals!

Mailing Address:

5454 Normandy Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32205

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