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Your contribution provides 1 surgery day or NICU care package to children and families.


Surgery Day Care Packages

Whether it be open heart surgery or an outpatient heart procedure, surgery days can be draining and incredibly long. These custom care packages, geared to both children and familes, are intended to provide comfort and entertainment. For children, coloring books and other activities are provided for the waiting and recovery period. For parents, snacks, water, notepads and other items to help ease the time in the hospital waiting room are included.


NICU Care Packages

When a Heart Warrior is born, they are usually admitted into the NICU. In some cases, the baby will stay there until a heart procedure can be performed. A NICU care package contains comforting items for the parents and lets them know who The Healing Hearts Project is. The early days can be extremely trying times for new parents to a heart baby and these packages prove to provide a bit of hope.

Surgery Day & NICU Care Package

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